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About this project

This game was developed as part of a research project regarding automatic level generation for platform videogames.

In here you can play an uncountable set of levels, which might be:

This is still a beta so please feel free to report bugs or send suggestions to platformer@gearmind.com


Platform Level Editor

What is the Platform Level Editor?
The Platform Level Editor lets you create your own levels for our game. You can submit your creations in the Level Edition section. After the levels are approved they will be available for play to any users. Levels with a good design will improve your score (more details will be available soon).

How to create levels with Platform Level Editor:

How to create a gate and a button to open it:

How to check which gate a certain button opens:

How to add a button to open the door at the end of level:

Quest Editor

What is the Quest Editor?
The Quest Editor represents a different approach for level creation. You define a sequence of situations that the level should comprise and the level will be created at runtime representing those situations. You can also submit your quests in the Level Edition section. Different variants of those levels will be available for the players when playing the game.

How to create levels with Quest-Editor:

Different types of quests:
Currently, it is possible to create a sequence using the following types of quests:

Changing a quest in the list: